Amp Up Your TV Watching Experience With Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar

Amp Up Your TV Watching Experience With Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar

Home entertainment nowadays is really important. Especially at these times when there are so many restrictions to go out and chill with your buddies. And when you have the access to such a gigantic amount of series and shows thanks to online OTT platforms it is important that you should choose something that can please you with some good quality sound and pictures.

That’s why we’re bringing you the ultimate companion to get the best theatre-like experience at home. Presenting the Amkette Amp Audacity 1000 Digital Soundbar. It can turn your boring TV-watching experience into a full-fledged movie-like experience. After the success of the Boomer Compact Soundbar Pro, we took a big step forward in order to meet your expectation with this soundbar. With powerful sound and amazingly soothing bass and clean aesthetics, it is one of the best soundbars that one can buy for such an affordable price.

Let’s get a small glimpse of what the Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar can offer:

Experience The Breathtaking Sound

The soundbar produces a true 40 Watt RMS output that delivers an insanely loud and pleasing sound that turns your movie into a reality. The 2 large Speakers and a subwoofer produce an amazing sound which is ideal for smaller rooms and perfect for 43-inch or smaller TVs.

Support Of HDMI ARC

Audacity is the only 40W soundbar that has HDMI ARC support which delivers really immersive sound because it can deliver way richer sound than a normal AUX output. Feel the thrill of a movie with richer bass and richer details. The best thing about HDMI ARC is that you can control the soundbar with your TV remote.

Multiple Connectivity

It not just supports the HDMI ARC input but also has multiple options to connect with like AUX, Bluetooth, USB, and Optical Input, which makes it compatible with a variety of devices.

Make It Sound Just As You Want

With predefined presets to make and enhance your experience. Not only that you can also customize the sound to your liking. What can be more interesting than this right? Also, the look of soundbar makes it looks like a masterpiece in your setup. The Sleek and Shiny finish complements any TV and will blend into the aesthetics of the room.

A Charm To Your TV Setup

The Audacity soundbar is like a charm to your TV setup as it is designed to make your setup look more aesthetically appealing. Made with premium quality materials it just blends in with any ambiance. Also, it is made to work seamlessly with TV’s upto 43 inches which makes it the perfect choice for most people and it will give you a theatre-like experience that you never had before.

This is not just your normal soundbar. The Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar is meant to enhance your TV watching experience. And make you immersed with every scene you watch or every track that you listen to.

The price of the Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar will be 4,999 but it will be coming with a special launch price of 2,999 and will be available on, Flipkart, and Amazon.

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