Pocket Blast Bluetooth With FM – Your Pocket Size Entertainer

Pocket Blast Bluetooth With FM – Your Pocket Size Entertainer

The popularity of Bluetooth speakers is sky rocketing nowadays. The convenience of using it anywhere and can pair with any device is a really big selling point.

Whether you have to rock a party or just want to listen to your favorite song on the go, Bluetooth speakers are the way to go. But you need to choose the right one that is portable and easy to carry because they come in different shapes and sizes. And if you won’t find the correct one for yourself then you end up keeping it at your home and ruining all your plans.

So you need a speaker that can fit inside your pocket or bag so that you can carry it wherever you want to. And besides that, it will be a charm if you get something that not only serves the purpose of being your portable speaker but also can be your best travel buddy, even if you want to listen to some older songs, or just wants to gift it to your parents who loves to listen to retro songs.

We got the perfect option that you’re looking for to fulfill all your music needs, the Amkette Pocket Blast Bluetooth With FM Speakers are your best travel buddy. The pocket blast can also be a really amazing gift for your parents

You can do so much with the pocket blast, from enjoying listening to your favorite tracks to some old hits, the pocket blast has got all. And because of this smaller size, it is really portable and easy to carry around. Whether you are going on trekking or chilling out on a beach, we got you covered with the Pocket blast.

The best thing about this speaker is the multiple connectivity options. This list of connectivity options starts with Bluetooth and FM support but you can also play music with AUX, SD, USB, etc. This versatility makes it your perfect travel companion.

With such a portable and compact size, people often think that it doesn’t sound good or has bad battery life. But that’s not the case with the pocket blast. It is equipped with a powerful speaker that produces amazing beats to cheer up the vibes, and also with 7+ hrs of battery life and type C charging makes it a perfect night buddy.

There are some unique features as well that no other speaker offers at this price range, like a full-fledged number pad for an easy selection of radio channels. Not only that it also comes equipped with an inbuilt high-quality microphone for voice, call, and FM recording and of course to answer calls as well.

With tons of loaded features, it makes pocket blast an all-rounder and also makes it an ideal choice for the people who actually wants a Bluetooth speaker that has the support of FM radio at the same time. And also it can be the most stylish-looking speaker available because soon Pocket Blast will be available in more color options to best suit your liking.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to please yourself with amazing music on the go. And stay tuned with us. We will be bringing more cool gadgets like this in the future.

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