Feel Every Bit Of Your Music With The All-New AMP Urban X9 Bluetooth Earphones

Feel Every Bit Of Your Music With The All-New AMP Urban X9 Bluetooth Earphones

Music is what we all love to enjoy. Music plays a really important role in our life because it helps uplift our mood and makes us feel relaxed and freshen up our mind with positivity. It’s a joy listening to your fav music. And if you choose the right pair of earphones then your joy would be doubled. 

So it is important to choose the right pair of earphones but also you have to follow the trend as well. Especially nowadays when it can change overnight. Neckband style Bluetooth earphones are the new trend nowadays.

And that’s where! We at Amkette made the best ever sounding wireless earphones on the market.

Presenting the new AMP Urban X9 Bluetooth earphones. It’s a neckband-style earphone with the premium build quality and tons of loaded features that you can expect from premium earphones.

Amp Urban X9 Features

Let’s discuss some of the most highlighting features that make this Urban X9 stand out from the crowd.

AMP Urban X9 earphones come with IPX5 water and splashproof rating which means if you accidentally spilled some water on them you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed.

Urban X9 comes with a long-lasting 20hrs of battery life. Yes, you have heard it right! These earphones can last up to 20hrs with a single charge. So no need to worry about charging your earphones while watching a movie. They also support fast charging as well. No need to wait for hours for them to charge. 10 mins of charge are enough to power them for your typical entire day.

We consider comfortable earphones as when you wore them for hours and don’t even realize that you’re wearing them. While making Urban X9 earphones we took that into consideration to give you the maximum comfort, That you can even sleep while wearing them, and you don’t even realize that they are in your ears. Also, they come with different ear tips for different ear shapes so that you can get the best and most comfortable fit.

We know how important can a call be for someone. But with most wireless earphones you do miss them because there is no alert, But with Urban X9 you don’t have to worry about missing a call because it has a call vibration feature. So whenever you get an important incoming call you’ll know it.

The main highlight of every earphone is how good it sounds. Thankfully in that aspect Urban X9 can outperform most of its competitors. With 10MM drivers you can literally feel every beat of your soundtrack and powerful bass will give you a feeling of premium earphones.

Please yourself with the music

We designed Urban X9 to suit everyone from a gym freak to a casual user and every music lover from a person who loves to hear every beat to a person who is a metalhead and loves to have a lot of bass to a person who loves to hear the vocals.

They sound perfect in all aspects that someone can expect. And if you talk about the price the best way to explain is that “You can get the best type of music for a fraction of the amount that you have to pay for premium earphones”. Waiting is not an option now, Grab your phone and order the new AMP Urban X9 Bluetooth Earphones and greet your ears with the most pleasing sound signature.

Still have a few doubts about the Urban X9 Earphones click here to get more detailed information about them.