Discover a new vibe with AMP Air Budz X25 True wireless earphones

Discover a new vibe with AMP Air Budz X25 True wireless earphones

We all remember listening to music on FM radios and Television sets (90s kids can relate more) and we used to wait for our favorite songs to come so that we can vibe to our favorite songs. Nowadays all of our favorite songs are only just a tap away, it’s that simple that now. But the technological advancements have their own downsides like in the old days we dont have to worry about the FM or TV going out of battery. 

We can just listen to our favorite songs as long as we wanted to. But the current scenario is different, everyone is going for wireless audio equipment like TWS earphones and they can run out of juice pretty easily and interrupt your music experience.

Long-Lasting battery and fun

Well no more to that now, leave all of your charging worries at bay and switch to Amkette Air Budz X25 TWS earphones. With its up to 24 hours of long battery life, enjoy endless music and calling. Each bud of Air Budz X25 can deliver up to 6 Hrs of playtime. You can recharge the earphones up to four times with a fully charged case. Keeping you up with the latest technology, the X25 features Type-C fast charging and a magnetic case for you to carry it around easily.

We have got you covered on the battery part what comes the next things in your mind when you hear about TWS earphones? Connecting it, that’s right! ( we hope you also thought this, or else it would be awkward for us). The Air Budz X25 comes with the latest Amp Quick Sync Tech. In other words, you just have to take the X25 out of their case and they will be connected to your smartphone instantly. How convenient is that? Very, we know!

AMP Air Budz X25; A complete package

We have gone all guns all out on the Air Budz X25 so that you have the best possible music listening experience. The X25 comes paired with Bluetooth 5.0 for a better connection range. The Amp Air Budz X25 also features Full touch controls so that you can switch between tracks, pick up calls or cut calls without any hassle.

You also summon your very own voice assistant using the touch controls. We are making sure that once you have connected Amp Air Budz X25 with your smartphone, you can perform most of the essential functions using the earphones only.

When we look for the true wireless earphones design and most importantly the weight plays a big role in our deciding factor. In these aspects, you dont have to break a sweat as the new Amp Air Budz X25 is a Lightweight & Comfortable Design. So carry them to parties, college, on a jog, or anywhere. Groove to your favorite songs without any interruption. There are so many awesome features that the Amp Airbudz X25 has to offer you but we don’t overwhelm you so we gave you a quick look at what is in stores for you. 

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