Meet your perfect music companion with Amkette Air budz

Meet your perfect music companion with Amkette Air budz

Meet your perfect Companion with Amkette Airbudz


Having a companion always by your side is a true blessing. A companion can be in the form of a childhood friend with whom you have endless memories, a good book that brings you peace and joy every time you read it or it can be good music as well. Music has so many beautiful things to offer us and we have to provide it that medium so that we can enjoy it to the fullest. 


To make you and your music closer to each other we have just the right range of TWS earphones that might just do the task of becoming your true companion in disguise.


Let’s get started then, shall we?


Air Budz X50 TWS Earbuds


If you are the kind of person who likes listening to music while scrambling up stony slopes, taking a morning jog, or into fitness, then the Air Budz X50 is the best-fitted TWS earphones for you available out there. Whether you’re at the gym, doing an intense workout, or running that extra mile, the X50 has got you covered. Just like your dedication to staying fit and in shape these earphones also will not budge from your ears. These earphones are specially designed for listeners who are always on the move. Make every exercise session count with the Air Budz X50 TWS Earbuds.


Stylish Air Budz X30


When we talk about Air Budz X30 TWS earbuds we are talking about things that sound as good as they look. This pair of earphones has the perfect touch of fashion and music goodness. With the impeccably crisp audio, enjoy the highs and lows of your favorite tracks like it meant to be. Not only the music experience but we also tried our best to provide the best user experience by providing smart touch controls. Easily go through your favorite tracks just like how you want. All these features are packed in a tiny case which is very comfortable to carry around. So what are you waiting for? Give your playlist a justice with these super stylish TWS earphones.


Air Budz X20 TWS


These earphones are a blessing for the audiophiles for what they offer for the price they are asking. If you’re thinking about opting for the TWS earphones for the first time then X20 can be a very good choice for you. With these lightweight, full-touch, and comfortable earbuds you can listen to your favorite music on the go. Its high-fidelity sound and active noise isolation make your calling experience great. The Air Budz X20 also comes with mono/stereo capability so that you groove to your favorite tracks without any issue. If for some reason you can’t reach your phone then you can simply use the voice assistant to get your vibe back on track. The impressive 15 hours total battery backup of these earphones will rock your world all day and all night long. So don’t wait up, hook to your favorite tracks with Air Budz X20 TWS Earbuds.


So choose your perfect companion based on your needs. If you need our help we’ll be there, until then, keep moving and grooving.


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