Relive your childhood with the preinstalled all-time favorites

Just click on the Retro games tile and go to the app called JohnNESS. This is an application that will allow you to play your favorite games across different platforms. Be it NES, SNES, Sega, MAME, etc. No need to plug in the cartridges.

Some of the popular games that are Preinstalled are-


Play Contra with amkette evofox game box

Contra is a run-and-gun action platformer, notorious for its high difficulty. The player character comes armed with a gun that can shoot infinitely. Different weapons with new abilities and that shoot different types of projectiles can be acquired as the player progresses through the levels. These can be found either inside of Pill Box Sensors or in Flying Capsules. When destroyed, the power-up will spring out onto the battlefield and can then be collected to change the player’s weapon. However, the weapon will be lost if the player comes in contact with an enemy or a deadly obstacle, losing a life instantly. The character can shoot in eight directions and can also crouch.

2. Donkey Kong

amkette evofox game box lets you play donkey kong

In Donkey Kong, the player is required to jump over barrels, climb up ladders, unlock keys and perform a series of other actions all of which lead to taking the game’s antagonist Donkey Kong down. All of Jumpman actions are the perfect description of the term platformer. While not technically the first platformer to be released, it was undoubtedly the most important of the initial bunch. Many consider Donkey Kong to be a challenging game. One professional gamer, when describing it, said that an average game wouldn’t last more than a minute. The player has to time his jump perfectly when obstacles come near his character, and the randomness of some of the portions in the game can cause some to stumble. Each stage becomes progressively harder, though none are as recognizable as the first stage, which is probably the stage in which most consumers die, never being able to reach the other stages due to the game’s difficulty.

3. Islander

Play islander for free with amkette evofox game box

A young man who ventured to Adventure Island in the South Pacific after hearing that the Evil Witch Doctor kidnapped Princess Tina. To rescue her, Higgins must survive a series of 32 stages. There are eight worlds called “areas”, which are divided into four stages or “rounds” each, which are further divided into four checkpoints. When the player reaches the fourth round of each area, he must confront a boss at the end to continue to the next area. The game is completed when the player saves the girl after defeating the eighth and final form of the evil lord. Islander overall is worth trying in case you have missed it somehow.

4. Road runner

Play road runner with amkette evofox game box

In Road Runner, you take the role of the titular bird as he outruns his arch nemesis, Wile E. Coyote. Your mission has no grand objective, such as rescuing a friend or thwarting a power-hungry ruler. Your only goals are to survive and to beat your highest score senseless. You accomplish this by nibbling on piles of birdseed as they appear. On top of that, there’s a time limit to abide, lest you starve. In other words, the game forces you into score attack mode by making its collectible morsels necessary for survival.