Nebula RGB Gaming headphones taking gaming experience to the next level

Nebula RGB Gaming headphones taking gaming experience to the next level

Gaming headphones are quite popular and to feed the fuel among the aspiring gamers. Amkette has introduced its first-ever gaming headphones, the EvoFox Nebula RGB gaming headphones. These headphones are made keeping in mind the needs of every type of gamer out there. 

We have a wide range of gaming accessories under the Evofox banner. Now with this launch, we are stepping into the gaming headphones segment with this new product launch. We have made sure that these headphones will provide the optimum gaming experience to every single gamer out there.

Specially made for gamers 

If you play multiplayer games a lot and use streaming very often then you must know it is very important to have a good mic to make the communication seamless. These headphones come with a 360-degree boom mic, which is fully flexible and adjustable as per your convenience. The Boom mics provide distortion-free communications between you and your friends across different multiplayer games. It will also provide amazing sound output in streaming services like YouTube, Discord, Twitch etc. The Mic also features red LED lighting at its tip.

For the connectivity, the nebula gaming RGB headphones feature a 3.5mm audio jack. With this universal connectivity option, you can enjoy these headphones with a variety of devices including PCs, Mac, Xbox, VR and PlayStation controllers. It will also work perfectly fine in Nintendo Switch, and all mobile devices with a 3.5mm audio port. These also come bundled with a USB connector for PCs for the RGB lighting.

Build to last

The wire quality is one of the important aspects of the wired gaming headphones and we have not compromised in this department. The Nebula RGB gaming headphones come with a 2m long high-quality photon cable with an EMI suppressor. It will ensure the highest analogue transmissions with no interference. You can play your favorite games without any sound latency issues.

To provide good after-sale service and to make sure you don’t face any issues while using the product, we are providing a 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty. You can also extend this warranty by 3 months by simply registering your product on our website.

Nebula RGB gaming headphones Specifications

Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones

The Nebula RGB gaming headphones come equipped with 50mm dual drives which provides an amazing 360-degree surrounding sound experience. We know how much sound is important while gaming so with the dual drivers, we have made sure that you can hear every gunshot and footstep with immersive reality. These headphones also come with a dynamic RGB lightning effect. And as we all know this is a very popular feature among gamers. The Dynamic RGB lights gives these headphones an amazing cool look.

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Now talking about the design of these headphones, the Nebula RGB gaming headphones sport a Metalhead beam bracket that provides stability and a Self Adjusting design. You can easily wear them for a long period of time and you wouldn’t even feel anything on your head, just wear them and forget them.  The headphones only weigh 350 grams. The Soft Earpad Cushions are skin-friendly & breathable for lasting comfort and longer gaming sessions. There is a volume roller on the right ear cup for easily controlling the volume level.

We have tried our best to make sure that you get the best possible gaming experience with the Nebula RGB gaming headphones.

Price and availability

We have priced these headphones aggressively so that even an aspiring gamer can easily afford them. The Nebula RGB gaming headphones come with a price tag of INR 1399 and you can purchase them via our official store and Amazon India website as well. These headphones are available in a stylish blue and black color combination with dynamic RGB lighting. 

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