Top 5 features Nebula RGB gaming headphones that makes them a class apart

Top 5 features Nebula RGB gaming headphones that makes them a class apart

If you are planning to buy budget gaming headphones or you can’t decide which gaming headphones you should buy, so we would like to inform you that your hunt is over. You’ve come to the right place. We have recently launched the Nebula RGB gaming headphones, which are available for the price tag of just Rs. 1399, which you can buy from our official store or Amazon India website as well. Today, In this post we have compiled the top 5 features of the nebula gaming headphones that make these headphones the best pick at this price point.

Large Dual 50mm Drivers

Sound output is one of the most important things we look for while looking for the best headphones. And to give you clear and loud sound output during your gaming sessions, the nebula RGB gaming headphones feature large dual 50mm drivers. These headphones have surrounding stereo for vivid sound field & sound clarity. You can enjoy all the explosions without missing those footsteps behind you. These headphones can also be used for consuming media content like watching movies, listening to music etc. whatever your need is, these headphones will deliver. We can say that these headphones are your all-in-one companions.

RGB lighting with MIC

Nebula RGB gaming headphones with 360 boom mic

We know how much gamers like the RGB lights look and feel and we deliver red just that with these headphones. The Nebula RGB gaming headphones have an amazing 3 RGB LED light effect on ear-ups. For RGB lightning, you just have to plug in the free USB port that comes bundled with the 3.5mm jack and you are all set to go. Play all your games, get your enemies in style with the Nebula RGB gaming headphones. The MIC of these headphones also features a red LED light which gives the mic a cool touch.

Lightweight design

If you are a gamer or play games for a long session then you must know that weight plays an important role while choosing your next gaming headphone. The nebula RGB gaming headphones come covered with Protein Leather and have Soft Earpad Cushions that are Skin-friendly & breathable ear cups. These headphones will give you comfort all day long. It has a Self Adjusting design for the always right fit. The headphones also have a Padded design for the maximum level of comfort. Play all day long without any inconvenience!

Universal Compatibility

Nebula RGB gaming headphones are designed to fit work well with all kinds of systems and consoles. With the universal 3.5mm jack, these headphones are compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones, VR, X-box, PlayStation, Mac and Nintendo switches. You can simultaneously switch between these devices and you don’t have to install any drivers. Just simply plug and play, it is that simple. 

1 Year Warranty

To give our users the best experience, the nebula gaming headphones users will get 1 Year of Manufacturer Warranty. We have authorized service centers across India and users can also contact us via WhatsApp and can also write us a mail.  Furthermore, the users can extend this warranty time period by 3 months by simply registering your product on our website. If you don’t know how to extend your warranty, click here.

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