Antares LED Gaming headphones have arrived in style

Antares LED Gaming headphones have arrived in style

Recently, we launched the Nebula RGB gaming headphones which marked our entry in the gaming headphones category and it got a pretty good response from our users. So keeping this momentum, we are now announcing the arrival of Antares LED gaming headphones.

Keeping in mind the needs of all sorts of gamers let it be casual gamers or hardcore gamers, Antares promises to deliver exactly what the user wants. Antares LED Gaming headphones are designed to blend well with every type of game, be it multiplayer games or Action/adventurous games, we got you covered.

Made for Multiplayer Games

We all have witnessed a major surge in the demand for multiplayer games. To give you the best multiplayer gaming experience, the Antares LED gaming headphones comes with a 360 degree Boom MIC. The MIC of Antares LED gaming headphones, as the name suggests, is super flexible and can be bent 360 degrees. Adjust it however you like. Not only it is so flexible but it is so good at capturing outside sounds, that’s why it works best for multiplayer games where you have to stay connected with your teammates.

Design and Sound

Antares LED Gaming Headphones  in Red and black color

Now coming to the sound output of these headphones, the Antares gaming headphones features large 40mm, dynamic audio drivers. Thanks to the 40mm drivers, the Antares headphones deliver a loud and vivid sound experience. We have made sure that you can wear these headphones for a longer period of time without any issue.

Antares gaming headphones come with a special design specially designed to give you comfort all day. Now we can say you can keep calm and game on with the Antares gaming headphones. These headphones weigh only 460 grams.

Special Features

Keep up with its name, the Antares LED gaming headphones comes with cool red LED lightning effect which gives it an overall amazon look. Now coming to connectivity, the Antares gaming headphones features a 3.5mm headphone jack for Audio + Mic & USB interface for power supply. The Cable is 2m long and thanks to 3.5mm it has universal compatibility. You use these headphones with PCs, Mac, Xbox, VR, and PlayStation controllers. It will also work perfectly fine in Nintendo Switch, and all mobile devices with a 3.5mm audio port. The Antares gaming headphones come with a 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty, so you can use these without any worry.

Antares LED gaming headphones Price and Availability

Now, we have talked all about the Antares headphones except for one thing which is pricing. We know pricing plays an important role when it comes to purchasing something. We decided to price these headphones aggressively so every gamer out there can get their hands on these headphones. The Antares LED gaming headphones come with a price tag of Rs.1,099 only and are available in the stylish combination of red and black color. You can buy these headphones via our own website or you can purchase them through Amazon India as well. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start gaming! 

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