Top features of Antares LED gaming headphones that you should know!

Top features of Antares LED gaming headphones that you should know!

Deciding on a new gaming headphone for yourself can be tiresome sometimes and the current scenario has also made it difficult as there are many options available in the market. If you are also looking for the best gaming headphones around INR 1000 so keep reading this post as we are about to solve this quest of yours. In this post, we are going to jot down the best 5 features of Antares LED gaming headphones that might just convince you to make these headphones your gaming companion.

So without any further adieu, let’s start the top feature list of Antares LED gaming headphones.

40MM Drivers 

We know the sound quality is important when it comes to gaming. To ensure you get the best experience while gaming, the Antares LED gaming headphones comes equipped with 40mm dual drivers. These headphones provide you the best sound experience under the price of 1100 rupees. These headphones also feature a 360 boom microphone. It delivers clarity and noise isolation to match the evolving needs of gamers. Now revive the sound with the Antares LED gaming headphones.

Pro Level comfort

With an amazing sound quality as Antares, long gaming sessions will be your new normal. And with the pro-level comfort, the longer gaming sessions are more fun and comfortable than ever. You can wear these headphones for a longer period of time without even noticing them on your head. Just wear them and forget them. When it comes to providing to its users, these headphones are one of the best headphones under Rs 1100. The Antares LED headphones also come with protein leather ear cushions for extra comfort. These headphones weigh only 460 grams.

Red Starlight Backlighting

Antares LED Gaming Headphones

Just like the Antares star, which is the brightest object in the constellation of Scorpius. The Antares LED gaming headphones also come with a bright and cool-looking red LED lightning effect on each side of the headphones. To enable the red lightning effect, just simply connect the USB port that comes along with a 3.5mm jack and you are good to go. You can also get your hands on these best headphones for Just rs 1099. Show off this cool effect to your friends and do gaming in style with the Antares LED gaming headphones.

One for All

Why do you need different gadgets when is capable enough of doing so. The Antares LED gaming headphones comes with a 3.5mm jack which we all know has universal compatibility. Along with the 3.5mm headphone jack, it also comes with a USB interface for power supply. You can connect these headphones with PCs, Mac, Xbox, VR, and PlayStation controllers. It will also work perfectly fine in Nintendo Switch, and all mobile devices with a 3.5mm audio port. Providing all these functions with a price tag of just Rs 1099 makes these headphones one of the best in their price segment. That’s why Antares headphones are One for all.

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Made to last

We know when you buy a new gadget or accessory, you expect it to serve you well and for a longer period of time. We have spent our time of build and design and made sure that it serves its purpose. The Antares LED gaming headphones comes with a 2m long high-quality photon cable. The photon cable is tested and is made to last. Furthermore, we provide 1 year of manufacturing warranty. So if you face any problem with these headphones we are here to help you out.

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