Level Up Your Gaming Skills By Exploring These Best PC Games

Level Up Your Gaming Skills By Exploring These Best PC Games

Gaming offers something for everyone these days. Whether you're into adrenaline-pumping action, mind-bending puzzles, or getting lost in immersive fantasy worlds, there's a genre of the best PC games ready to suck you in (in the best way possible).

As a gaming grasshopper just starting to level up your skills, it helps to know the lay of the land. Here's a beginner's guide to the best PC game genres and some of the best titles to play within each one. Gear up!

Open-World Games Offer Endless Exploration

For those who crave freedom and plenty of room to roam, open-world games are the ultimate escape. These games plop you into a vast, open environment and let you explore at your own pace, discovering quests, characters, loot, and secrets along the way.

Some of the Best PC Games in this genre include:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Become the Dragonborn hero across the snowy mountains and forests of Skyrim, a rich fantasy realm filled with towns, dungeons, and dragons galore.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - Saddle up for an epic tale of outlaws in the Wild West. Hunt, rob trains, duel, and wander across plains, mountains, and frontier towns teeming with characters.
  • Minecraft - Unleash your creativity as you mine for materials and craft shelters and entire worlds block by block in this calming, open-ended game.

With immense worlds to get lost in, open world games are perfect if you want tons of freedom and memorable adventures. Saddle up and ride off into the sunset!

Action Games Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Want some electrifying gameplay that really tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination? Step right up to the action games. These games are all about speed, tension, and split-second skill.

Some of the most pulse-pounding best PC game titles in this genre include

  • Doom Eternal - Rip and tear demons on Mars, Earth, and Hell itself across epic, gory battles as the ultimate demon-slaying Doomguy.
  • Devil May Cry 5 - Unleash superhuman skills as Dante in this slick hack-and-slash adventure full of stylish combos, demons, and over-the-top action.
  • Halo Infinite - Master Chief is back. Take on The Banished Forces across the ringworld Zeta Halo in this epic first-person shooter steeped in alien-blasting action.

If you love testing your reflexes and want gameplay that leaves your hands shaking (in a good way), then these best PC games deliver exactly that - pure action mayhem.

Role-Playing Games (RPG Games) Let You Be The Hero

Want to step into the shoes of a mighty hero, mystical mage, or stealthy rogue? Role-playing games (RPG games) let you create a character and guide them on perilous quests while leveling up their skills and abilities along the way.

Some addictively immersive best RPG games include:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Track monstrous prey, clash with knights, and get entangled in political drama as Geralt, a witcher who slays beasts. Vast medieval fantasy world? Check. Moral choices? Check. Awesome swordplay? Check.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online - Create your hero and explore the mystical lands of Eorzea in this massively multiplayer online RPG. Tons of customization, magical classes, crafting depth, and cooperating with friends.
  • Elden Ring - Make your Tarnished warrior and venture across the treacherous fantasy Kingdom of the Lands Between. Ruthlessly challenging combat meets open-world exploration.

RPG games scratch that hero itch, letting you step into all kinds of heroic roles across mystical realms. Magic, monsters, leveling up, etc. These best PC games titles have it all.

Racing Games Let You Take the Wheel

Start your engines! If you want to experience the thrill of high-octane racing from the comfort of your gaming chair, racing games deliver breakneck speed and intense competition.

Some pedal-to-the-metal picks include these best PC games:

  • Forza Horizon 5 - Tear up the roads across a vibrant, open-world Mexico packed with challenges like stunt driving, off-road racing, and street scene competitions. Tuning options galore.
  • F1 2022 - Experience the real drivers, cars, and circuits of the 2022 Formula One World Championship season in this realistic simulator. Precision driving meets racing strategy.
  • Need for Speed Heat - Hit the streets to engage in illegal street racing by day, then strike by night to outrun the cops and become the ultimate racing outlaw.

Whether you want realistic simulations or arcade action, racing games let you test your driving skills without any speeding tickets. Grab that wheel, step on the gas, and race to victory with these best PC games.

Which Game Genres Speak to Your Gaming Soul?

As we said, today's games offer engrossing experiences for all types of gamers. Maybe you want to crush your opponents in epic fantasy duels. Perhaps you'd rather peacefully explore blocky worlds you can shape yourself. Or get behind the wheel and drift around hairpin curves.

The gaming genres with these best PC games above give just a taste of the incredible diversity gaming offers nowadays. So power up your PC and get ready to embark on many wondrous gaming adventures.

What kinds of games speak most to your soul? The open road? Mythic quests? The clash of blades against demonic foes? Let your gaming spirit soar by playing the genres that resonate most with you. Game on!


Q1: What are some of the most popular video game genres?

A1: Action, role-playing, racing, open-world, and more - there's a genre for everyone!

Q2: Do I need a powerful PC to play games?

A2: Not necessarily - many great games are available on consoles and mobile devices too.

Q3: Is gaming a worthwhile hobby?

A3: Absolutely - it can relieve stress, improve coordination, and provide an immersive form of entertainment.

Q4: Are some games better for kids than others?

A4: Yes, check ratings to find age-appropriate games for children.

Q5: Can video games be educational?

A5: Definitely, many games nowadays are designed to be learning experiences.

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