The Ultimate Wireless Gaming Experience in Your Hands: The EvoFox Go Wireless Gaming Controller

The Ultimate Wireless Gaming Experience in Your Hands: The EvoFox Go Wireless Gaming Controller

Mobile gaming has never been as popular or advanced as it is now. But seasoned gamers know that to truly master mobile titles, you need more than just tapping a glass screen. You need a dedicated wireless gaming controller designed to elevate your mobile gaming experience.

Enter the EvoFox Go wireless gaming controller - the premium wireless controller engineered specifically for mobile gaming and discerning gamers. With its array of innovative features, the EvoFox Go delivers unparalleled mobile gameplay with the freedom and control that serious gaming demands.

Let's dive in and see why the EvoFox Go is your ultimate wireless gaming controller for unlocking the full potential of mobile gaming!

Portable Ultimate Gaming Freedom

The EvoFox Go lives up to its name and gives you the freedom to game anywhere. Weighing in at just 285 grams, the controller is lightweight and easily fits into any bag or backpack.

The EvoFox Go is designed for mobility and convenience. With its integrated collapsible smartphone clip, you can securely attach your smartphone and get gaming in no time. No wires or syncs are needed - just attach and play!

Whether you're commuting, waiting in line, or hanging at the park, the EvoFox Go transforms any location into your personal gaming den. Instead of using frustrating touchscreen controls, you can enjoy precise, comfortable gameplay with console-quality controls, anywhere you want.

Customizable Macro Buttons

Serious gamers know that complex games demand advanced controls. The EvoFox Go delivers with its 4 macro buttons that can be easily programmed and customized.

The 4 macro buttons allow you to take your gaming experience to the next level. You can program the macro buttons to automate complex key combinations or commands. Instead of fumbling through multiple taps and swipes, you can execute strategic moves and combos with just one click.

For instance, competitive FPS players can gain an edge by programming the macro buttons for rapid fire, melee attacks, equip/switch weapons, or other tactical commands used frequently in matches. The possibilities are endless when you can customize the controller to fit your playstyle.

With the macro buttons, you spend less time thinking about controls and more time executing strategies with the EvoFox Go.

Dedicated EvoFox Dojo App

What really sets the EvoFox Go Wireless Gaming Controller apart is the proprietary EvoFox Dojo app. The Dojo app gives all the information about which game is supported by the controller and which is not.

You can download the app from the Play Store and there you can see which games are available and which games are supported. Not just that it will give you all the information about the game including the download page link from the Play Store itself.

With the Dojo app, the full potential of the advanced EvoFox Go controller is unlocked so you can dominate your favourite mobile games.

Durable Design Built for Gamers

No one wants a flimsy controller that wears out after just a few rounds. That's why the EvoFox Go has a durable design made for hardcore gaming marathons.

The EvoFox Go wireless gaming controller features a sturdy anti-slip grip so you can game for hours without worrying about drops. The analog sticks have a concave tip for enhanced grip and control. All of the buttons have a tactile feel and pleasing click so you can accurately pull off combos.

Even after months of intense gaming sessions, the EvoFox Go's superior build quality stands strong. No need to worry about sticks drifting, button jamming or connection drops either.

While lightweight and portable, the EvoFox Go does not compromise on durability. The solid construction ensures long-lasting performance you can rely on.

Long-Lasting Battery for Non-Stop Gaming

Nothing kills a wireless gaming experience faster than a dead controller. But the EvoFox Go wireless gaming controller keeps you wire-free for marathon mobile gaming thanks to its built-in long-lasting battery.

On just a short duration charge via USB-C, the EvoFox Go wireless gaming controller will keep you gaming for hours. That's more than enough juice for even the most epic battle royale matches and dungeon crawls.

The EvoFox Go wireless gaming controller also utilizes intelligent power-saving technology to preserve the battery when not in use. So you don't have to remember to turn it off or worry about losing charge.

While other wireless controllers may have you hunting for cables every few hours, the EvoFox Go mobile gaming controller delivers uninterrupted gaming freedom all day long on one charge.

Level Up Your Mobile Gaming

As you can see, the EvoFox Go mobile gaming controller sets the new standard for mobile gaming controllers. Whether you need to game on the go or customize controls for complex titles, the EvoFox Go is the best phone gaming controller.

With its lightweight and portable design, programmable macro buttons, EvoFox Dojo app, durable construction, and long battery life - the EvoFox Go is the ultimate wireless controller for mobile.


With EvoFox Go unlocks immense potential that can elevate your mobile gaming. With its smart features and premium design, it provides the precision and control needed to master even the most advanced mobile titles. Where frustrating touchscreen taps limit you, the EvoFox Go empowers you.

It's time to step up your game and take your mobile experience to the next level. Order the EvoFox Go controller today and dominate your favourite mobile games like never before.


Q1: What devices is the EvoFox Go controller compatible with?

A1: The EvoFox Go is designed to work with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It connects via Bluetooth so you can game on the go with your mobile device.

Q2: What types of games does the EvoFox Go controller work with?

A2: The EvoFox Go works great with all genres - FPS, RPG, platformers, fighting games, racers, and more. Its advanced controls and customization make it ideal for complex games, including emulators.

Q3: Does the EvoFox Go controller need to be charged frequently?

A3: No, the built-in 280mAh battery provides over 15 hours of gaming per 2-hour charge. Intelligent power-saving technology helps preserve battery life.

Q4: Can I customize the EvoFox Go controller buttons?

A4: Yes, the EvoFox Dojo app lets you fully customize all buttons, sticks, macros, sensitivity, vibration and more to tailor the controls.

Q5: Why choose the EvoFox Go over standard touchscreen controls?

A5: Touchscreens lack physical precision and can't match a dedicated controller. The EvoFox Go gives you console-quality controls for accurate gameplay using joysticks, buttons, triggers and macros.

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